Stacey K Project Proposal

During the fist half of this semester, I will expand on my prior Balloon Air Quality project. Currently, low-cost air quality sensors are coupled with weather balloons to illuminate each balloon based on surrounding air quality.

I will build on this concept to create a more interactive installation where balloons respond to up/down and right/left motion by pulsing color at different speeds. A tilt sensor or piezo vibration sensor will be used to detect the type of motion being applied. If balloons are left outside (tethered), wind will naturally move the balloons and result in a ‘responsive’ exhibit that ambiently visualizes air quality and wind patterns. This part of the project will culminate in a public installation and/or a short deployment of the balloons with stakeholders around Pittsburgh.

I will also modify an off-the shelf camera to photograph a balloon installation over the course of 24 hours. A time-lapse video of air quality balloons installed in public spaces will show air quality over time.

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Eric Brockmeyer – Semester Proposal

I plan to use this semester to continue my research in material reactivity. I am currently working on a one night exhibition, Unexpected Materiality,┬áin Pittsburgh on January 28th at 937 Liberty Ave downtown. This exhibition is in collaboration with Hironori Yoshida and is a combination of our work in augmented material. The exhibition will feature a series of four tables from a very simple tabletop with legs to a cornstarch/water surface which “grows” up out of the table. One of the tables, which is my particular focus, is a series of concrete tiles which contain embedded optical fibers that feed light onto a photoresistor beneath the table. This analog input drives a large vibrating dc motor as well as a sound generator both of which will oscillate at the same frequency, providing tactile and audible feedback to a user.

This project along with a series of older projects (all related to augmented materials) will be presented as a poster and talk for the Siggraph 2011 conference (both due by Feb 18, 2011). The poster and talk proposal will be the seed from which an academic journal article will develop. The journal or audience for this paper is not yet decided but I am open to all of your feedback about where I should submit my work. I think this conversation can take place after submitting to Siggraph 2011.

The Second half of the semester will be dedicated to another larger scale project (larger scale may mean spatially larger or a more well refined product/prototype) and the paper mentioned in the previous paragraph. I don’t have any firm dates set for this project because it is, as of this posting, an unformed idea. It will be a further extension of my previous work but here again I’d like to get some feedback from the studio.

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Hello world!

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